Overview of main processing accessories of FIBC bag

FIBC bag

The application environment of the FIBC bag is often exposed to light in the outdoor, and the light amount in each region is different, which may lead to the local foreign businessmen mistaking the UV protection of the container bag for not reaching the request. It is suggested that container bag manufacturers should increase the dosage of anti violet masterbatch properly according to the difference of illumination in different regions, so as to improve the production quality and prolong the service life.

The main processing raw materials and auxiliary materials of FIBC bag factory are generally as follows: under the condition that the price of container bags is almost the same as the labor cost, it depends on whether the materials can be brand-new aggregates, whether the excessive recycled materials can be added, whether the modifier (calcium carbonate masterbatch) can be added, and the aging resistance of PP woven fabric with the modifier will drop seriously.

The price of color masterbatch is also very different. Some pigments can play an anti-aging role in the container bag and have a great impact on the service life of the container bag. Whether the rutile titanium dioxide masterbatch with external coating can be used, whether the yellow pigment with good weather resistance can be used, whether the blue pigment used contains free copper, etc. will have a great impact on the service life of the container bag.

The form and dosage of anti violet can play a great role in the aging of containerized bags. Powdered UV will sink due to the difference in specific gravity and size and PP particles, and it is difficult to disperse evenly into PP pellets. This will lead to some very good flatweaves, some of which are very poor, which will affect the aging resistance of the entire woven fabric. However, the size and specific gravity of UV resistant masterbatch similar to PP will not have such problems.