Effect of coating process on jumbo bag

jumbo bag

Home in the purchase of goods will have a special shopping bag,and the goods will be packaged with a special bag, then the bulk powder granular material needs to use what kind of bag to package it?This time we have to mention jumbo bag. jumbo bag belongs to a flexible transport packaging container,use it as a powder, bulk and granular materials packaging is perfect!Using jumbo bag to package these materials can effectively improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, but also can reduce the cost of Transportation, which is the main reason many enterprises choose jumbo bag!So what aspects do jumbo bag need to consider when designing?Here by jumbo bag factory to tell everyone!

Elements to consider when designing jumbo bagļ¼š

1.Strength: factors to be considered in the design, the volume of the package,the weight of the contents and the unit of the package(the number of packages)also need to consider the transport distance and the number of transport, as well as the mode of transport and mode of transport.Material: reasonable selection of materials should be based on user conditions and reasonable processing ratio. For example, the ability of plastic materials to prevent aging in the sun is the main indicator of the quality of the container. In the production process, attention should be paid to the use of anti-UV agents and the choice of anti-UV materials.

2.Sealing: different packaging materials, different sealing requirements,such as powder or toxic materials, afraid of contaminated items, the sealing performance requirements are very strict. When designing container bags, pay attention to the impact of the base film coating process and sewing process on sealing performance.

3.Availability: in the design of the container bag, it is necessary to fully consider the lifting and transportation of the container bag and the performance of the loaded material.

4.Usability:consideration should also be given to whether packaged food is food and to ensure that there is no adverse effect on packaged food.

These are the four elements that need to be considered when designing jumbo bag.For a jumbo bag, only grasp the four elements to design it in order to ensure its quality and performance,so as to make the design of jumbo bag better applied to the enterprise, but also to protect the effect of jumbo bag loaded materials!