Bulk bags suture strength

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Bulk bags are different from ordinary plastic woven bags. Because its carrying capacity is much larger than ordinary packaging materials, the stitching of each part of the bag is also crucial. Unlike ordinary plastic bags, which are just like simple heat sealing, they need to be combined with other parts through multiple processes.

Bulk bags

This goal is the most important and crucial goal of bulk bags. In GB / t8946 and GB / t8947, the tensile load in the direction of the seam edge and seam bottom is clarified. The main factors that affect the suture strength are the type and type of suture, the size of needle pitch, suture trace, the scale from crimped or folded suture to the bag edge, the hot and cold cutting methods, etc.

Generally speaking, bulk bags production companies should formulate the internal control objectives of these influencing factors. As for bulk bags, according to the national regulations, it is necessary for the tensile strength of the main joint to reach more than 67% of the basic strength, and the tensile strength of the bottom joint to reach more than 42% of the basic strength. As for the upper sealing of the spigot cement bag, it is proposed to treat it as the bottom strength of the seam. As for the bottom strength of the paper bag, it is usually unable to achieve the goal, so it is proposed to change it into the paste bottom bag. As for the cold cut bag of laminating film, it is suggested to use curling treatment, because the future of the cold cut edge may be torn out from the warp and weft. As for the upper edge of the woven bag without strength requirement, the stitch distance can be tight and the thread can be thin.

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